A plain-speaking Scot is shaking up Spanish wine.

By Graham Keeley of The Times.

Norrel Robertson says the land around Calatayud is a great place for garnacha grapes, enabling the winemaker to “do something creative”
Roger Mellie would have been proud of him. Confronted by distinctly unhelpful local officials, Norrel Robertson, one of the few British winemakers plying his trade in Spain, took his revenge in a style that the foul-mouthed Viz comic character would have recognised at once.

The target of his ire was the Domination of Origin of Calatayud. It failed to act quickly in a dispute between Mr Robertson and a company that was selling a wine under his name without permission, although it did, eventually, rule in his favour.

Rather than let bygones be bygones, Mr Robertson decided to name one of his red wines Dos Dedos de Frente, an expression that roughly translates as dumb as a post. On every bottle is a picture of…

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