Magic Bullet Selection

Magic Bullet Selection

An awful lot of wine appearing on retailers shelves is some way from being ready.

Spain, however, is good at ensuring that vintages are held back until a proper maturity is likely to have been achieved indeed the requirement is built into the classification system and this red from Valdepenas is a good illustration of how effective the arrangement is.

So, enjoy the rich, floral but delightfully mature Anciano 5 Year Old Reserva (£6 instead of £8 until 30 October at the Co-op and 12.5% abv) with its plum and dark cherry fruit, nutty clove elements and smooth chocolate and vanilla depth.

For those unfamiliar with this section, I have stolen the term Magic Bullet from the medical profession where, apparently, it refers to a remedy that delivers its benefits without side effects. In our context Magic Bullet Wine also has important benefits (it tastes good and makes anyone buying it look knowledgeable and surefooted) yet avoids the side effect of a big hole in the pocket.

Source: Mid Week Wine

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